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We are at Tipping Point.

2 million Aussies Need You. Doing Nothing is Not an Option.

Kidney Health Australia is championing the fight for change on kidney disease in Australia. Together with our community of Kidney Advocates living with kidney disease, we are stressing the need to fund early detection and early management of chronic kidney disease (CKD). This is the only solution to overflowing dialysis units and horribly long waits for donor kidneys. There is an urgent need to focus on solving kidney disease in our country and the time to do it is now.

Parliamentary Friends of Kidney Health, co-chaired by Senator Marielle Smith and Warren Entsch MP

The establishment of the new Parliamentary Friends of Kidney Health provides a chance to increase understanding and awareness, to strengthen representation for the kidney community and to mobilise advocacy for policy commitments that will make a difference, save lives and support programs that enable us to avoid a significant burden on the health system.

Download the Media Release here.

The Kidney Health Crisis is Now.

The Solution is Here.

As the numbers are growing at a rate our health system can't keep up with, Australia must focus on early detection and prevention now. Doing nothing is not an option. 90% of Aussies with signs of kidney disease don’t know about it.

Together, we can save them from the burden of dialysis and reduce the toll on our health system and economy, simply by focusing on early detection and management. In fact, for every $1 invested we can save the health system $45 in costs. When demand is so much higher than supply for dialysis and organ transplant, the solution has to be early intervention, stopping progression to kidney failure.

Early diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease is simple, cost effective and critical. Help us make it happen.

Kidney Community Stories

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Changing the chronic kidney disease landscape: The economic benefits of early detection and treatment

Download the full report here.

Download the summary report here.

Download the CKD by electorate report here.

Download the 'why kidney disease matters more than ever' flyer here.

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We’re part of a global movement called Global Patient Alliance for Kidney Health, aiming to prevent kidney disease becoming the 5th biggest killer by 2040.