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Kidney Health Week | 21-27 May 2023

What it’s all about

This year we’re hoping to reach the 1.8 million Australians who are unaware they live with kidney disease. Due to the largely symptomless nature of kidney disease at its early stages, raising awareness about early detection will help find, diagnose and treat people before they reach the devastating reality of kidney failure.

It will also keep them out of hospital for longer. Did you know that 1 in 6 hospitalisations are kidney disease related?

The misconception

Most people don’t realise how serious kidney disease is or understand the risk factors associated with it. Our research shows that most Aussies associated early signs of kidney disease with urinary pain, pain weeing, or blood in urine (and 59% weren't confident about their answer).

The (under) diagnosed

Often, by the time symptoms are felt people are close to kidney failure. A little known fact is that 90% of kidney function can be lost with no symptoms, no warnings. It’s not surprising then that kidney disease is often underdiagnosed, until it’s too late to do anything about it.

A life of kidney failure: A reality check

Research shows that 17% of people start dialysis within 90 days of being referred to a renal service. From then on their lives change drastically. Life quality quickly becomes a thing of the past as people are sentenced to years of dialysis – connected to a machine that slowly cleans out all the toxins from the blood 3 times a week, 5 hours a day. It’s a life sentence for the patient and their families.

Don’t just take our word for it:

There is hope, and good news.

The good news is that if detected early, deterioration in kidney function can be reduced by up to 50%. Finding those at risk is key. Once these patients are diagnosed through a simple Kidney Health Check (blood pressure check / blood test for eGFR / urine albumin: creatinine ratio), new treatments now listed for CKD can slow the progression of kidney disease by up to 15 years.

Help save people’s lives and keep them out of hospital.

Who is at increased risk? Incredibly, most people are at risk. 3 in 4 Australians.

Download the Risk Assessment Card here for easy reference.

Simple diagnosis and treatment guide

To help with best practice diagnosis and treatment download our CKD Management in Primary Care handbook, 4th edition.

Sign up to the Kidney Health Professional Hub to access the how to guides: Kidney Health Check with MBS, Refer to Specialist Kidney Care, Sick Day Action Plan, Search for CKD with Practice Data, Stage & Diagnose CKD and more!

Help spread this important message

Tools you can use during Kidney Health Week

Everyone can help spread awareness during Kidney Health Week.

  1. Download the Digital Toolkit with a range of posters, social media tiles and more HERE, print out a poster and hang it up in your office, waiting room or building.
  2. Set up a stall or morning tea and invite others to find out about how big of a problem kidney disease truly is.
  3. Ask anyone you know (or don’t know) to take the 2 min Kidney Risk Test here.

Thank you for your support.