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Workplace giving

Setting up regular salary contributions to Kidney Health Australia is an easy way to positively impact those living with the burden of kidney disease. This is called workplace giving – it helps us deliver critical support programs to patients and families in need.

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Benefits of workplace giving

Through workplace giving, you fund life-changing services that offer:

  • peer support and development skills activities for children living with kidney disease
  • dialysis patients the ability to take well-deserved holidays in Australia
  • transplant patients the opportunity to recover in dedicated care facilities with their families

… just to name a few.

You also benefit from immediate tax deductions. Unlike one-off donations, you do not need to wait till tax time or consider additional paperwork. Figures are simply calculated for you at each payroll cycle.

How much to give

There is no such thing as too little or too much. The amount you give is up to you. However, if it helps, here’s an overview of how far your gift could go:

  • $12 per month can help us fund a life-saving call via our Kidney Helpline
  • $20 per month can help us create educational resources to prevent more people being diagnosed with kidney disease
  • $30 per month can help us cover running costs for our mobile dialysis service, the Big Red Kidney Bus
  • $45 per month can help us keep the lights on at our Kidney Transplant Houses, designed for patients recovering from transplant surgery.

To get started, sign up for workplace giving by filling out the form underneath

You can also contact us on freecall 1800 454 363 for more information.