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Kidney Action Week | Diabetes

Diabetes is the leading risk factor for kidney disease.

It's time to take action by getting a Kidney Health Check. We're deadly serious.

What does a Kidney Health Check involve?

A Kidney Health Check is very quick and simple.

1. A blood test to check how well your kidneys are working – your GP will order this test to check your eGFR which tells you how much kidney function you have left

2. A urine ACR test – this test will check for albuminuria, a type of protein in your urine. Damaged kidneys often leak protein into the urine

3. A blood pressure check – high blood pressure and kidney disease often occur together, so increasing blood pressure is often an early sign of kidney disease.

A kidney health check can be done as part of your regular GP visit. The tests ordered are covered by Medicare, however your doctor may charge you a gap for the doctor visit.

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Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease: the facts

1 in 3 people with diabetes will develop diabetic kidney disease (DKD) – a type of kidney disease caused by diabetes
Rates of kidney failure due to diabetes have been increasing by 2.2% per year
Diabetic kidney disease was the underlying cause of kidney failure in 38% of those commencing treatment

Download Your GP Referral Letter

Here’s something to help you start the conversation with your GP.

This handy letter will help explain to your GP why you would like your kidneys checked, what tests need to be done and how they can access additional support if required.

Download a referral letter now and take it with you to your GP appointment.

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