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Coming of Age With Three Kidneys: An Ethnographic Exploration of How Young Kidney Transplant Recipients Navigate the Transition to Adulthood and Adult Care

Brief Description:

Project Summary

This project aims to explore how kidney transplantation shapes the lived experience of pediatric kidney transplant recipients aged 16-30 as they transition to adulthood and adult care with the assistance of Adelaide’s youth transition services and the programs offered by Kidney Health Australia. Using the ethnographic method, this project intends to provide richly descriptive examples of how the youth transition process fits into the lives of participants, incorporating social and cultural factors such as ethnicity and gender into analysis. This will be achieved through three stages of research taking place over 1 year to 18 months, including:

 1. Initial interviews with recipients, their parents/caregivers, treatment providers and relevant stakeholders at Kidney Health Australia
 2. Participant observation in clinic and at Kidney Health Australia events 
3. Participant observation in the homes of recipients (and parents/caregivers when relevant) during activities related to treatment, including informal interviewing

Type of research:

Patient experience research
Student Project

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transplant recipients aged 16-30, their parents/caregivers, clinicians, volunteers and other relevant stakeholders associated with Kidney Health Australia who work with this population

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