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Children and youth support

Kidney disease affects thousands of children and young people each year. At Kidney Health Australia, we provide information, resources and support to young people and their families to guide them through this journey.

Kids and kidney disease

Navigating the realities of kidney disease is a challenge for anyone. If your child is in need of dialysis or other treatment options, you can get information and support through Kidney Health Australia. We can help you and your child overcome the physical and emotional hurdles that come from living with kidney disease.

How we help

Kidney Health Australia’s children’s and youth programs create a safe space for young people to learn how to combat the challenges of kidney disease. They’re also an ideal environment for participants to make life-long connections with their peers. We also know how difficult it can be for young people to balance day-to-day life and kidney disease.

“When I was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease at 23 years old, I couldn’t imagine leading a normal life…Since working on the KHA Youth Program, I’ve met inspiring people who have it worse and manage to be happier and more active than I am. They set an example that helps me think positively, work on accepting the hand I’ve been dealt, and focus on how I can use my experience to help others. Every young person living with kidney disease deserves that experience. Everyone deserves hope.”

Luke Macauley, Kidney Health Australia Youth Program Patient Partner

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