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Kidney Kar Rally

Have the drive of your life and help support kids and youth affected by kidney disease.

An aerial view of Kidney Kar Rally cars

The Kidney Kar Rally helps support kids and young people affected by kidney disease.

Join the fun, no matter if you’re an experienced rally driver, novice or just along for the ride, there is an option for you and your car, even if you drive a humble hatchback!

Register for the Rally to help change the lives of children and youth impacted by kidney disease.

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Participants come from all across Australia to enter the Rally. Some are experienced rally drivers and navigators, but many have never rallied before! The others don’t rally at all but prefer to cruise along the main roads as a Kruise driver. Regardless of how you choose to rally, one thing is for sure, the Rallytives are all there with a single purpose, to raise awareness and much-needed funds for Kidney Kids and Youth.

A red Kidney Kar Rally car passes people