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Preserving kidney health through early detection

Find out why early detection is so important.

Renal nurse applying tape to arm of woman on dialysis

Why early detection is critical

  • CKD is a condition in which there is a gradual, but progressive lowering of kidney function to a point where the kidneys are unable to sustain life (end-staged kidney disease or kidney failure).
  • Over the last 50 years, simple measures such as blood pressure and blood sugar control have had a positive impact on slowing the progression of CKD.
  • However, in Australia there are still nearly 25,000 Australians on kidney replacement therapy1 (dialysis or a transplant) for kidney failure, over 900 waiting for dialysis and yet more receiving supportive care.
  • To date, the priority has been on preserving life once a person’s kidneys had failed with costly kidney replacement.
  • CKD is under-diagnosed in primary care, especially in people with hypertension
  • New research shows that existing medications, that lower glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus sodium-glucose linked transport protein-2 inhibitors - SGLT2i, slow the progression of CKD to end-stage kidney failure and also reduce cardiovascular events by 30%

Helping people to get a Kidney Health Check

Our patients and carers have told us that early detection of kidney disease is a top priority for them. Our evidence also shows that detection rates double when high risk people are picked up in the primary care environment. For people who have one or more of the risk factors identified in our Kidney Risk Test, we advise them to ask for a Kidney Health Check. Our conversation aid can help you to have a conversation with your GP.

How to request your Kidney Health Check

Take the Kidney Risk Test

Check your risk of kidney disease by taking our simple Kidney Risk Test, and we will help you understand if you need your kidney health checked by your GP.

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