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Big Red Kidney Bus Testimonials

Read real life stories of users and nurses experiences on the Big Red Kidney Bus.

Mark's Story

“Planning is a big part of travelling whilst on dialysis and using the Big Red Kidney Bus makes planning for trips so much easier. It is so simple to go online to see the bus locations and to book through the Kidney Health Australia website. I can’t express enough how great this facility is! The staff are excellent and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and even introduce you to fellow Bus users." - Stephen

Stephen on dialysis

“I have been a Renal nurse for 25 years and have worked many fulfilling jobs across three continents. One job I thoroughly enjoyed is working on the Big Red Kidney Bus at Warrnambool in September. It is rewarding to be part of the team which makes the dream of a holiday come true for dialysis patients. The atmosphere on the bus is jovial as everyone is in holiday mood. Patients are meeting other patients from across the country sharing their stories. For once, everyone gets to meet someone new!

I was impressed by how Monash Health has ensured the safety and standard of care is not different on the Bus than an in-centre dialysis unit. I encourage dialysis patients and nurses to check the BRKB as an option for a holiday or a working holiday. The bus is parked in most beautiful locations around Victoria and New South Wales. Start packing to catch the bus!” - Julee, Renal Nurse

"In May 2022 I was lucky to have my first long holiday away for the first time in four years. I booked a two-week trip with the Bid Red Kidney Bus to Bright, Victoria. The bus has big windows and while I had dialysis, I could look out at the beautiful autumn trees in the caravan park and at the mountains beyond. Not your average dialysis unit view! During my stay in Bright I used my non-dialysis day to explore local towns around Bright and on dialysis days I did sight-seeing activities in Bright itself on the morning or afternoon I was free.

I was extremely grateful to have this holiday with the Big Red Kidney Bus. I appreciated the wonderful nurses who were so enthusiastic about offering this service to patients (and, by extension, their families). I also appreciate those who financially support the continued operation of the bus plus all who fundraise for it. To all these people, plus my home dialysis staff who liaise with the bus staff, THANK YOU." - Linda

Q: What was the best part about using the Bus?

A: It allowed me to have my first holiday in over 5 years

"I am booked for the Big Red Kidney Bus in October ... my first holiday in 8 years" - Vicki

"Thanks so much for the bus trip that we did to Mildura. We had a great two weeks and will definitely be booking further trips.

We drove up from Murray Bridge in South Australia and were so glad we did. The stay was really good, and we were well looked after in the Mildura Big 4 caravan park, the management were great.

The nurses did a great job as usual and are much loved by the patients and their families who come along for the trip. We think that they enjoyed meeting new people, and they are very special people to give us this holiday.

As dialysis patients know if it wasn't for this bus, we are only doing weekend or overnight trips. If you haven't tried the bus trips, please think about it and experience a great holiday, lovely people and caring staff.

For my husband it was special as we caught up with a friend in Mildura that he hadn't seen for 11 years. Even better was that her father was there from Broken Hill for the weekend, they had been mates for over 40 years.

Many a memory was relived, and it was good to see them together again." - Arthur

Big Red Kidney Bus

The Bus makes it possible for many people on haemodialysis, anywhere in Australia, to enjoy much-needed time away with family and friends in beautiful locations in Victoria and New South Wales.

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