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Have a kidney health check

Looking after yourself means keeping your kidneys healthy. A simple way to find out if they are damaged is to do a Kidney Health Check.

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Getting a regular Kidney Health Check is important because often there are no warning signs for sick kidneys. That’s why kidney disease is sometimes called a ‘silent disease’. A Kidney Health Check should be done at least once a year if you have any of the risk factors.

To find out more, download our Kidney Health Check fact sheet for indigenous communities.

If you already have chronic kidney disease, you will need to have regular check-ups with your doctor so they can keep an eye on how your kidneys are working and make sure you get the treatment you need.

What happens in a Kidney Health Check

When you go to the doctor for a Kidney Health Check, the first thing they will do is ask you how you feel and how you live. They will also check your height and weight and measure the size of your waist.

Other things the doctor will do include:

  • take your blood pressure
  • check your blood
  • test your urine (wee).

These tests will show how well your kidneys are working.

  • If your doctor finds everything is okay, they will give you good advice about how to keep your kidneys healthy.
  • If your doctor finds signs that your kidneys might be sick, they may arrange for you to have some other tests

More information

To find out more about the Kidney Health Check, ask at your health clinic. You can also phone our Kidney Helpline on freecall 1800 454 363 or email

You might like to download a Kidney Health Check poster to print out and share with your community.

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