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Kidney Es-Capers

Kidney Es-Capers are designed to support kids and teens living with kidney disease and their families. The state-based event connects local families for a day of fun activities, information sessions, network and support building opportunities and more!

A group of kids pose in front of escapers sign

2024 KidneyHealth4Youth Es-Capers events are currently under construction!

In 2024 Kidney Health Australia will once again welcome your family to enjoy a day of activities and meet other kidney families. Connecting with other young people living with kidney disease can lead to lifelong friendships and offer much-valued peer support. Families and carers also benefit by sharing experiences, developing relationships and creating networks to support each other.

Kidney Health Australia’s Es-Capers in 2023 saw these family fun events coordinated in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. Around 470 participants from 111 kidney families around Australia joined the party, many thanks to our main fundraisers the Kidney Kar Rally!!

If you have not joined the KidneyHealth4Youth program yet, register here so you can be included in communications and be first in line for these special events. If you would like to get in touch with us or share any ideas you may have around these Es-Caper events, please email us at

Testimonials from Es-Capers attendees:

"A massive thank you for yesterday. It is probably the first time in a LONG time that we have been able to do anything as a family and it was a wonderful feeling. Loved every second!” - Crook Family

"We had such a great time and it was so good to meet other kids with kidney issues. We met a few families and exchanged numbers!! Acacia was so happy to meet other kids in the same medication and with the same disease. So wonderful. Thanks so much again. We look forward to the next event!! - Radford family

"A big thank you for co-ordination of the event at Luna Park. We all had a wonderful time and it was great for Charlie to meet and connect with other young people experiencing kidney disease."

"Thank you so much for hosting a great day - the kids have been on a high since they came home!! I laughed - my dad looked like he was having more fun than Magnús on some of the rides!" Sri and Kari

"Thank you for such a great day at Luna Park. It was really exciting (sounds strange I know) to meet someone else with the same condition as my son. It was a great opportunity to share experiences, I only wish we had met earlier! This is my favourite photo of the day - both my kids with genuine smiles - so rare!" - Megan

"Our daughter is 7 and suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease, up until this event I had only ever spoken to one other mother of a child with Kidney disease. To be there with 80 other people who’s lives are impacted by kidney disease was something special. Being able to meet “Your Community” makes you feel less alone. I was able to talk to other mothers, add friends on Facebook and ask questions from people who just “get it”. My little girl loved meeting new friends and hearing that these kids go to the big green hospital and take medication, Just like her! I didn’t know how much we needed this day, our hearts feel a little lighter and the future seems a little brighter." - Paul, Marni and Harper

"These gatherings mean the absolute world to me as a mother of a 10 year old boy who has CKD ... the best part is that my son feels a sense of belonging every time we have attended because he knows he's no different from the child beside him for once"

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