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Leif’s Story

A Devastating Diagnosis

For anyone receiving a kidney disease diagnosis it is devastating — there is no cure.

It can be especially shocking when it is unexpected or when a baby or a child is diagnosed with a chronic illness. Unfortunately, this is what happen to Leifur’s family.

Four-year-old Leif’s kidney disease is at stage 2. Thankfully, he is well right now. His kidney disease is being controlled with medication. His appetite is better, he loves to play soccer, wrestle with big brother Magnus and cuddle his baby brother, Thor.

Children like Leifur and his family face many ups and downs as they navigate a lifetime of challenges due to kidney disease.

But Leif’s dad Kari sums it up well when he says,

“We live constantly in the eye of the storm. We love Leif so much. His health and happiness means everything to us. Finding out he had kidney disease was absolutely devastating. It took a long time to accept that he had a chronic lifelong he could not escape.”

The impact of chronic kidney disease is lifelong - there is no cure. Your kind gift can help Aussie’s impacted by kidney disease at every stage from diagnosis, to treatment, transplant, and beyond.

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