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Mick's story

It was an overdue checkup that changed Mick's life.

Mick O'Grady in front of his truck

Mick, although very fit and healthy, was overdue for a general check-up before visiting the doctor. During the check-up, the doctor noticed Mick had very high blood pressure - which can be caused by a variety of things.

To be cautious, his doctor sent Mick to get some blood work done and have a urine test. The results came back and the doctor said “I’ve got bad news for you” and Mick was diagnosed with kidney disease. His kidney function was 50%.

This came as a large shock to Mick, he had suffered no noticeable symptoms and his kidney health was not something he had ever worried about.

As his kidneys continued to decline his wife Sharna made a very brave decision, to donate her kidney to him. mick "tried to talk her out of it" but she was determined to help her husband live his best life possible.

In the lead up to the transplant he “couldn’t do what I wanted to do” and was exhausted. By the time of the transplant, he was down to 15% kidney function. On April 12 in 2018, the transplant went ahead with great success with Mick going from strength to strength with the pair celebrating their first transplant anniversary by competing in a triathlon!