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Sally's story

Speaking with other kidney patients helped her navigate the unknown.

Sally poses for a photo

Sally was diagnosed with kidney disease after the birth of her two children. Her creatinine levels kept rising until she went into kidney failure. After being on dialysis, including undertaking home dialysis, Sally’s husband, Julian was a match for a kidney transplant. Sally underwent her kidney transplant in 2009.

Sally first became involved with Kidney Health Australia through our Teleconnect program, whereby she would speak to people diagnosed with kidney disease, at the initial stages of their diagnosis, before going on dialysis and pre and post-transplant.

“It was rewarding speaking to people newly diagnosed with kidney disease and sharing each other’s lived experience,” Sally says that often when navigating the medical system, there is an assumption that you have knowledge of your condition, but this is not always the case. It puts into perspective, how important connecting with other kidney patients can be.

"Not a day goes by that I don't think about how grateful I am to those who have supported me, and this is why I have chosen to leave a gift in my Will to Kidney Health Australia." Sally’s husband, Julian has also made this wonderful decision.

Leaving a gift in your Will is an extremely generous decision to make and has a lasting impact on the lives of people affected by kidney disease. Over the past fifty years, Kidney Health Australia has received millions of dollars in bequest gifts from our dedicated supporters, for which we are immensely grateful. It is a gift to future generations, enabling us to provide vital programs and services and to fund critical research to support the 1.7 million people affected by kidney disease.

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